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Sakyis Innovations

Simplifying methodologies using computers!

Sakyis Innovations is a technological plateform which specialises in creating I.T. solutions and trainning individuals to become vocationally competent.

Our solutions are tailored to help individuals or firms to become viable and competitive in the global world.

We are into:

  • Sales of customised Cloud-Made software
  • General I.T. Services & Consultancy
  • Hands-on trainning in Cloud Computer Programming
  • Hands-on trainning in other I.T. Disciplines
  • Hands-on trainning in many other technical and vocational programmes
  • Setting-up of Libraries and other Library Services

We collaborate with other professionals to organise vocational trainning programmes for interrested persons. The session can be either online or in-person.

We are of the view that every individual must acquire some vocational competences to compliment whatever knowledge an individual have. In so doing, you create multiple streams of income for yourself and your market value will eventually improve.

Why Us

Why Choose Us


Offer Value For Money

We offer our clientele value for the service they require


Affordability & Flexibility

Our products and services are affordable. It can be modelled to fit your need


Relationship Building

We build business relationship with our clientele, which eventually benefits you and us

Service Offering

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What we do

We organise I.T. trainning programmes for interested individuals.

It is done on one-on-one basis and for groups. Our I.T. trainning programmes includes; video editing, graphic designing, web development, computer programming(VB.net, Asp.net etc), Cloud Computing and the likes.
Interested persons should contact us and enquire

What we do

We Collaborate with other professionals to organise technical and vocational programmes for individuals who desire to learn a vocation.

It is done on one-on-one basis or for a group. It include Event Decoration etc.
Interested persons should contact us and enquire

What we do `

We are into many I.T. activities. Ranging from;

Graphics Designing, video editing, network installation and troubleshooting, Video Animation, 3D Virtual Building, E-Security (CCTV, Electric Fencing, Vehicle Tracking Devices Installation) etc.
Interested persons should contact us and enquire

What we do

We set-up libraries for organisations.

Our service offering for libraries are affordable.
Interested persons should contact us and enquire

What we do

We offer a vast range of consultancy.

you can consult from us on I.T. related issues. Moreover, we offer consultancy services on the technical and the vocational programmes we oragnise.



I am the founder behind Sakyis Innovation. I gave it the name because the name fits what i stand for..

Seth Sakyi


I believe every individual must have multiple skills to make them versatile, in so doing we will eventually relegates the over reliance on few people to solve the problems in the larger societies.

Seth Sakyi


A skilled trained person or an entrepreneur, cannot be retired by an organisation even if the person is old.

Seth Sakyi